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Our energy management software is currently used in 1000s of buildings, and compatible with smart meters throughout the US.


Increase ROI with Smart Energy Data

Using machine learning and advanced data analytics, our software identifies the best energy-saving opportunities for each building.


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Demonstrate the energy performance of your building with accurate 24/7 measurements and automated reports.

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Every consultant on our team has at least 10 years of experience in design, construction, maintenance, sustainability, or facilities management.

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  • Credentials
  • Professional Engineers - PE
  • Certified Energy Manager – CEM
  • PhD
  • ISO 9001 Auditor
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  • Weekly alarms
  • Geographical heatmaps
  • Building information module for documents and notes
  • Demand intelligence

Billing Data

  • Ability to link bill data to meter waste and weather (granular data)
  • Custom reporting to optimize procurement effort
  • Custom reporting on demand opportunities
  • Flexible to add any type of utility bills

Weather Analyzer

  • Hourly granular data
  • More accuracy than average Cooling
  • Degree Days (CDD) and Heating Degree Days (HDD)
  • Visual representation

Conventional energy monitoring systems track your energy consumption and power demand, generating large amounts of data over time. Unfortunately, these measurements provide little value for building owners when they are presented as raw data. Smart power meters are also affected by this limitation: they measure energy data at 15-minute intervals, but this information is generally stored without being analyzed.

EOS Labs takes energy management and monitoring one step further. Our patent-pending Utility Financial Intelligence Engine (UFIQ) offers you many advantages over traditional energy monitoring systems:

  • Energy consumption and demand measurements are linked to load operations and weather conditions, giving context to your energy data.
  • Unlike the raw data gathered by utility meters, this contextualized data provides valuable insight on how your building uses energy.
  • Our software provides smart data analytics, which can be used directly for decisions that reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.
  • Measurements can be collected from multiple energy meters and sensors 24/7, and immediately processed into dynamic reports that are useful for decision makers.

The UFIQ is compatible with smart meters throughout the US. Our software can reveal building-specific opportunities to save energy, and greater knowledge about the loads in each of your facilities. You can visualize energy consumption from specific meters, and also overall data by facility or business unit.

Traditional energy monitoring software generates many types of data, but this information is of little value unless you take the time to analyze it. This feature is built into the EOS Labs software, which generates smart reports that are immediately useful for decisions. You can gain greater insight on how your building systems consume energy, and you can identify energy-saving opportunities that are not evident when looking at raw measurements and utility bills.

Raw Utility Meter Data: A Missed Opportunity for Building Owners

Tech companies and utility companies both generate large amounts of data, but there is an important difference in how this resource is used. The tech sector invests heavily in giving context to the data collected, making it valuable for users, while traditional energy companies only give you the raw data collected by power meters.

  • For example, if you obtain a full year of interval data from your power meter, you get four measurements per hour, which is equivalent to 35,040 measurements per year!
  • To extract value from this data, you must be willing to analyze large spreadsheets.
  • A simpler solution is relying on the EOS Labs software, which uses advanced analytics to convert energy consumption data into insightful reports and charts.

Our energy management software combines live monitoring and data visualization, providing user-friendly reports that are constantly updated based on the most recent measurements. Many of the energy monitoring systems available in the market include live monitoring, but they only give you a constant stream of raw data that is difficult to use by itself.

Knowing exactly how your building uses energy is very helpful when comparing different tariffs. The EOS Labs software can provide an accurate calculator of annual bills under each tariff, and you can choose the lowest-cost option based on historical consumption data. For example, you can predict if a specific time-of-use tariff will increase or decrease your monthly bills.

Identify Building-Specific Saving Opportunities

Building managers are aware of overall energy consumption and costs, but this information alone is not enough to make effective decisions. Using smart data analysis, our energy management software can reveal how consumption is affected by other variables:

Time of the day

Weather conditions


Equipment operation

EOS Labs can identify the equipment with the highest energy consumption, and how operating decisions affect your monthly energy bills. Our software detects time intervals where energy consumption is abnormally high or low, along with other unusual behaviors. The platform can send automatic notifications when this happens, so the issue can be inspected ASAP.

Our energy management software provides a clear picture of how energy is being used in each of your buildings, and its capabilities also include:

  • Using machine learning to predicting energy consumption based on operating conditions
  • Providing building-specific recommendations to save energy
  • Automatic customized reports, based on the needs of each property

Using Energy Management Software for Measurement and Verification (M&V)

Our energy management system can be used to verify the savings achieved by building energy upgrades. For example, if you recently upgraded a chiller plant or installed a rooftop solar array, you can compare performance before and after the investment

Depending on where your building is located, measurement & verification (M&V) can help you qualify for rebates and other financial incentives. Some energy efficiency programs include M&V as part of their requirements before you can claim an incentive. For example, a rebate program may require 12 months of consumption data after implementing an energy upgrade, and the incentive is paid until you reach this point.

If your building is located in a jurisdiction that requires building energy benchmarking or emissions reporting, our software can be used for compliance. You can configure the energy management system to generate automatic reports, using the data gathered from multiple utility meters and sensors. Emissions reports can be generated automatically from energy data, by assigning an emissions factor to each energy source.

EOS Labs Energy Management Software: Main Features and Track Record

Our energy management software tracks several variables, which are analyzed and linked together to provide key insights:

  • Smart meter data
  • Weather data
  • Energy consumption anomalies

Our software can correlate energy consumption data with weather conditions, revealing how the local weather influences the performance of each building system. The software can also detect anomalies in energy consumption, which often indicate equipment malfunctions or other issues that might need attention from your maintenance department. Our platform can generate automatic alarms when energy waste is detected, allowing a quick response from your staff.

The UFIQ is currently monitoring thousands of properties throughout the US, and it has been implemented across multiple industries:

  • Banking
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Grocery & convenience stores
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Retail

EOS Labs can also develop a Value Maximizing Plan (VMP) for each building in your real estate portfolio. The VMP is a unique service in the industry, which goes beyond traditional energy consulting. All of our experts have more than 10 years of experience, and they can analyze your building performance based on a 270-value point system.

Our VMP service is highly focused on maximizing the ROI and profitability of your building, and we work with new constructions and existing properties:

  • Other consulting services are narrowly focused on performance areas like energy consumption, or meeting the requirements of a specific certification such as LEED.
  • Our Value Maximizing Plan (VMP) can yield the same benefits as these targeted consulting services, while increasing the overall financial performance of your building.

The VMP can be implemented at any state of the building lifecycle, from planning and design to operation and maintenance.