How We Do It

Transforming today’s utility management with the UFIQTM platform.

Our Utility Financial Intelligence (UFIQTM) platform and services cut through overwhelming amounts of energy usage data, making it easy for building managers to identify data trends and financial insights that impact their bottom line.

The UFIQTM platform takes a building manager’s financial and operational goals into account and adjusts accordingly for variables related to weather, occupancy and specific building energy consumption.

Real Time Anomaly Detection

The UFIQTM system targets problems in real time, letting you know where the energy waste issues occur.

By identifying problems swiftly, our platform and services empower you to reach your unique energy sustainability goals.

Weather Normalization

Our smart UFIQTM platform takes your top priorities for waste reduction and identifies anomalies with weather adjustments in mind.

The UFIQTM system can tell you the weather-normalized quantity and occurrence for specific energy waste trends.

Efficiency Checks for Existing Controls

The UFIQTM platform will let you know when Internet of things (IoT)-enabled controls impacting your energy efficiency are in proper working order.

The system automatically confirms when previous issues are corrected.

Identify False Alarms

Our technology can help determine false positive or negative and low-cost or low-priority alarms.

Filtering out faulty alerts, the UFIQTM platform can save you valuable time by solving problems that might not exist.

Already using a BMS system? Let’s elevate it.

For buildings with existing Internet of things (IoT)-enabled building management systems (BMS), the UFIQTM platform provides an added element of financial intelligence. To elevate the existing BMS hardware system, our UFIQTM solution eliminates the critical and costly blind spots in energy management that fault detection algorithms might miss.

An IoT-enabled BMS controls only the systems that are perceived as critical, large or prone to error. For almost all buildings, that is less than 50 percent of its systems.

The UFIQTM system provides visibility into an entire building's energy financial performance, in alignment with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). This equips building managers with the financially sound guidance they need to operate and adjust their BMS to achieve optimal energy savings.