Financial intelligence for next-generation utility efficiency management.

Our proprietary Utility Financial Intelligence (UFIQTM) system sets us apart from the competition and saves you time.

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Real Time Anomaly Detection

The UFIQTM system targets problems in real time, letting you know where the energy waste issues occur.

Weather Normalization

Our smart UFIQTM platform takes your top priorities for waste reduction and identifies anomalies with weather adjustments in mind.

Efficiency Checks for Existing Controls

The UFIQTM platform will let you know when Internet of things (IoT)-enabled controls impacting your energy efficiency are in proper working order.

Identify False Alarms

Our technology can help determine false positive or negative and low-cost or low-priority alarms.
At EOS Labs, our platform and services take the energy data points that directly impact your bottom line and prioritize the data points (and associated alarms) that are most important for optimizing your energy usage.


Building managers across many industries all face the same dilemma: utility and energy usage reports are confusing and lack actionable insights on how energy use can be better managed. Here are the sectors we serve.
Grocery & Convenience